In the News

A “500-Year Flood” Could Happen again Sooner Than You Think.   8/28/2017, New York Times

“500-year_ rain events are happening more often than you think,  CBS This Morning  9/8/2017

With 155 MPH Winds, Hurricane Irma is Among Strongest, NBC Nightly News, 9/8/2017

Facing at least $10 billion in flood insurance claims:  Former FEMA Deputy, CNBC Squawk on the Street, 8/30/2017

Could Texas-level Flooding Happen in DC?, Fox5 News, 8/29/2017

Could Washington, DC survive if a major hurricane hits?, Fox5 news, 9/22/2017

UMD students and faculty are coming together to help Hurricane Harvey victims, The Diamondback, 9/7/2017

University of Maryland on How to Prepare for a Hurricane

Interviewed by USA Today at University of Maryland on Hurricane Dangers. Click Here for the interview.

UMD interview with USA todayWrote a blog for Dawson & Associates titled “White House flood order: Learning from “disasters that didn’t happen“”

Helped evaluate proposals for Rebuild by Design, an urban planning and design competition.  Read about the competition: Rebuild by Design: Reexamining Resilience

Appointed as Commissioner for US PIANC

induction as Fellow PIANC with John Paul Woodley, Bob Nickles, Bo Temple

Induction as Fellow PIANC with John Paul Woodley, Bob Nickles, Bo Temple

Appointed as first US and first female chair of the PIANC Inland Commission. Click Here for a link to the bulletin.

Interviewed by the AAWRE for National Engineers Week